1. Why are your plants so small? 

We lost the majority of our crop to fungus in 2020 - yes, it was even a tough year for plants! 

It takes 3 years for Lavender to mature into full size plants so please understand that our little guys just need more time to grow. 

2. When is blooming season? 

Blooms usually start toward the end of May and continue into mid June. 

3. Can we bring our dog/emotional support animal when we visit the farm? 

While we want visits to be relaxing and enjoyable, our extra large farm dog is not always keen on other animals and neither is our insurance carrier. Please keep your pets at home. 

4. Can we pack a lunch?

Yes, you are welcome to pack a lunch and enjoy it underneath one of our pavilions or at our picnic tables.

5. What should I wear?

Since all seating is outdoors and we use decomposed granite for pathways, please wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.  

6. Do you charge an entrance fee?

We are a small farm and enjoy providing the community with an agricultural experience so we do not charge any type of entrance fee.